Asahi Rubber core competency is in rubber molding with a focus on silicone. For decades we were a global leader in incandescent miniature lamp color filter caps upon which we built a mastery of optics engineering and color science. We continue to bring to life innovative new optical products with the inherent advantages of silicone rubber material.

Optical Products – ASA Color Brand


Unique integrated remote phosphor assembly

Asahi Rubber silicone + color matching expertise

LED with unrivaled customization and precision of chromaticity and intensity

ASA Color Lens

Silicone rubber transparent optic

Asahi Rubber silicone molding + optical engineering expertise

Highly heat and UV-durable material provides excellent transparency in UV and IR wavelengths and throughout the visible spectrum

ASA Color White Ink

Silicone matrix diffuse reflective ink

Asahi Rubber silicone formulation + optical engineering expertise

Protect substrates and harvest light to minimize losses with minimal heat and UV degradation