Properties of the ASA Color UV Lens

Our ASA Color UV Lens is made of a transparent silicone material that provides an extremely high transmittance in the near UV and blue spectrum compared to other materials. The silicone material gives the ASA Color UV Lens high resistance against heat, weather, UV, and IR; these properties allow our lens to excel in high stress environments. Unlike thermoplastic lenses, the ASA Color UV Lens does not yellow with extended use. Our lenses are lead free reflow tolerant and can be mounted directly onto the LED. Focus the intensity of the irradiation to increase the efficiency of your UV LEDs.

Standard Lenses

>Material Datasheet
>UV Resilience Information
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Custom Lenses

We also offer custom made lenses. Distribution angle, diffusive properties, and the LED package size can all be customized.
Our engineering team will design the optical qualities and tooling that best fit your application.

For quotations of or placing orders for our standard lenses,
or for consultation on a custom lens design: Contact Us