ASA Color Lamp Cap

ASA color Lamcaps are silicone rubber caps mixed with coloring agents to make a variety of colors. The cap is then applied to small bulbs(lamps) to change the emitted color. Common applications include lighting for control panels, instruments, and signals. ASA Color Lamp Caps have also been used in specialty lighting due to its vast color selection.

Rubber Keypad

This product is designed to be placed behind buttons for audio sets, climate control units, and steering wheel controls. We specialize in custom designing the tactile elements of the keypad so each button can be customized to have a unique sense of touch. Since the keypad is custom made to fit your design, it is suitable for many different applications.


Saporous is a forming body developed to be highly air breathable, moisture permeable, hygienic, and shock absorbent. While being highly air breathable, Saporous does not let dust or water through. Saporous' main applications include insoles, padding for sports gear, and protective gear for medical care. The hardness and density of Saporous can be customized and the product can also be added with antibacterial and deodorant properties. The product is also washer/dryer safe.


This product is a highly reliable leak prevention mechanism perfect for gaskets in fixed parts,packing in moving parts, and vacuum flanges. O-rings can be manufactured with resistive properties to oil, friction, heat, cold, and chemicals. We also offer self lubricating silicone rubber o-rings.

Gaskets & Plugs for Medical Care

We offer gaskets and plugs, all of which are made with medical grade rubber, used in disposable medical products including pre-filled syringes, infusion bags, and vacuum blood collection tubes. Our gaskets are leak-proof and glide smoothly, allowing for subtle changes in injection speed difficult with the competitors' products. As these products are used for medical equipment and tools, they comply with various regulations and satisfy strict quality standards for material safety and functions.