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Shirakawa Factory
Manufactures optical products

ARI International Corporation, established in 1999, is an international sales office supplying silicone rubber based products to the automotive and general illumination industries. The company is a subsidiary of the Japanese industrial rubber manufacturer Asahi Rubber Inc., founded in 1970, and handles sales for the North America and EU regions. Our company is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

ARI International specializes in supplying customizable silicone based optical products including LEDs, lenses, and solder masks. We offer solutions to reduce material/development costs, cut weight, and increase efficiency of your product while adapting to your design. We also provide a hassle free customization process backed with quality engineering and precise Japanese manufacturing.

Our company is based in the Chicago metropolitan area. If you would like to request more information or talk to our representatives, feel free to contact us.

Contact Information

2015 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Suite 109
Arlington Heights, IL 60005