ASA Color LEDs are custom designed to match your specs and applications. Instead of matching your design to standard colors, we will produce your desired colors eliminating the need to compromise your design. We offer precise customization for color, color temperature, brightness, and CRI without tooling cost.

ASA Color Lens

ASA Color Lenses offer high transparency combined with high durability against heat, weather, UV, and IR. With its long lifespan and reliability, our lenses excel in demanding environments. We offer standard lenses as well as custom lenses for more specific applications. All lenses are lead free reflow tolerant.

ASA Color UV Lens

The ASA Color UV Lens delivers unmatched transmittance paired with the high durability of silicone. The UV and heat resistant qualities of silicone allow for continued UV exposure without the worry of material degredation. Applications include UV curing, detection lamps, and specialty lighting.

ASA Color White Silicone Ink

Our ASA Color White Silicone Ink is a durable and highly reflective white silicone ink designed to replace traditional solder masks. This product is designed to provide very high reflectance as well as heat/uv protection for LED applications. We offer white solder masks for both rigid and flexible circuit boards. Protect your lighting components and increase their efficiency with our ASA Color White Silicone Ink.

Rubber Products

We offer a variety of rubber products spanning multiple industries including automotive, general illumination, medical, information technology, communications, and sporting. Products include lamp caps, keypads, o-rings, sensors, gaskets, thermal pads and more.