What is an ASA Color LED?

Our ASA Color LEDs are produced by applying a phosphor blended silicone rubber cap onto a blue LED. By changing the ratio of phosphors, we are able to create over 10,000+ color tone variations without changing the base LED. This allows for designers to have the freedom to change or experiment with their color design without any hassle. The silicone cap also naturally diffuses the light, reducing hot spots, and creating a wider, more uniform light distribution. The ASA Color LED is used in a wide variety of applications including automobile switches, sound systems, climate control units, light fixtures, and specialty lighting.

Our LED Color Matching Process

Because the wavelengths and brightness qualities of LEDs vary, our factory classifies base LEDs into more detailed bins. Unique phosphor caps are then created for each bin to ensure the uniformity of the output color. Our ability to utilize any LED rank allows us to provide our clients with a 1 rank standard for all ASA Color LEDs, regardless of intensity creep.

Fixing the Problem at the Root

Our production process revolves around the client perspective. Not only can we produce our ASA Color LEDs with your designated specs, but we are also able to color match using your actual set. This ensures the color coming through your set matches the spec you have specified. With ease of use and flexibility in mind, we fix the problem at the root eliminating the need for filters while reducing development costs.

Benefits of Use

-Complete color tone customization
-Very little color & brightness deviation
-Comes standard in 1 rank
-Naturally diffuses light to reduce hotspots
-No intensity creep
-No tooling cost

Contact us with your color and brightness spec to request a sample.