Demand for Durable Components

The LED market is driven by the quest for improved brightness. Just as LEDs continue to output more and more light, the surrounding components are being tweaked to provide higher overall lumen output. Many companies are starting to see the benefit in a white solder mask being applied to PCBs in order to increase this output. However, these solder masks, being made from traditional solder mask materials, tend to yellow quickly, losing much of their reflective advantage. Many will turn yellow or brown during even a mild reflow solder process, losing valuable reflectivity before even being assembled into a fixture.

Why Choose White Silicone Ink?

Our White Silicone Ink is a superior solution for increasing PCB reflectivity. It is specially formulated to maximize reflectivity, and uses silicone as a base polymer to ensure this high brightness is maintained through not only the assembly processes, but through prolonged use and exposure to the high heat and brightness generated by today's LEDs. Silicone's natural resistance to high heat and light in a wide spectrum means our ink retains its reflectivity even in outdoor environments.

Protect Your Investment

Even as LEDs grow more advanced and more powerful, the advantages they provide can be lost if other components in the lighting module fail to utilize these characteristics appropriately. A failure to consider the PCB as a component integral to the optimization of a lighting module can impair the brightness and overall lifespan of your fixture. Our silicone ink ensures you are getting the most out of your LEDs.